Mystery in Paradise: The Disappearance of Taylor Casey – 14th Missing Person in the Bahamas Since December

NASSAU, Bahamas (BFMG) — The family and friends of Taylor Casey, a Chicago woman who vanished while attending a yoga retreat in the Bahamas, have expressed their frustration and concern in a recent statement. Casey, 41, went missing over two weeks ago, and her loved ones are increasingly dissatisfied with the investigation’s progress and the actions of those involved.

Emily Williams, a close friend of Casey, voiced these concerns in a statement released on Monday. “Let me make this clear to the U.S. media, the public, and our government officials: We are not satisfied with how this investigation has been handled thus far,” she asserted.

Williams and Collete Seymore, Casey’s mother, had just returned from the Bahamas, where they met with the U.S. Embassy, the Royal Bahamas Police Force, and leaders at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat. This retreat was where Casey was last seen. “What we learned and observed during our time meeting with the authorities and Ashram leaders is disturbing and infuriating,” Williams’ statement continued.

The retreat reported Casey missing when she did not attend her morning classes. They claim to be cooperating with authorities in the investigation. However, Williams and Seymore found Casey’s belongings, including her bible, a teacher training coursebook, and yoga materials, largely unprocessed by local authorities during their visit on June 27.

Williams described the visit to the retreat as “deeply unsettling,” citing the Ashram leaders’ inability to maintain a cohesive narrative about Casey’s disappearance. The statement also alleged that authorities prioritized maintaining the retreat’s tranquil image over the urgency of the missing person case. Police reportedly advised Casey’s representatives not to speak to any guests, further complicating their search for answers.

Casey’s mother, Seymore, revealed she had to “beg” to speak with students, who then appeared to provide rehearsed information. The statement also noted the absence of missing persons posters and the lack of awareness among all students about Casey’s disappearance. Additionally, it was unclear how many statements had been collected from retreat participants, and whether any had been interrogated.

Disturbingly, a retreat manager mentioned that two days before Casey’s disappearance, an “unidentified man with a walk-talkie” was seen near Casey’s tent. This man, described as wearing a Celtics baseball cap and dressed in all black, allegedly approached another participant on the day Casey went missing, claiming to be from Chicago and interested in yoga.

Following their unsettling experiences at the retreat, Williams and Seymore changed their flights and returned home earlier than planned due to concerns for their own safety. The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat did not immediately respond to requests for comment on these allegations.

The case has also brought criticism of the Bahamas police. While National Security Minister Wayne Munroe claimed the FBI was involved in the search, U.S. Embassy officials contradicted this. Casey’s phone was found in the ocean but has not been turned over to her family, despite their belief that it may contain crucial information.

Seymore’s statement encapsulated the family’s distress: “I had to return home without her. This is every mother’s worst nightmare.” The U.S. has not intervened in the case, adding to the family’s frustration and urgency.

The Chicago Police have since issued a missing persons bulletin for Casey, urging anyone with information to come forward.

This troubling case underscores the complexities and emotional toll of missing person investigations, especially when they occur abroad. The family and friends of Taylor Casey remain determined to find answers and bring her home safely.

If you have had any recent direct contact or correspondence with Taylor, or if you have any information regarding the current whereabouts of Taylor Casey, please contact Area Five Special Victims Unit immediately at (312) 746-6554 or call 911.


Mystery in Paradise: The Disappearance of Taylor Casey - 14th Missing Person in the Bahamas Since December

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